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Rahul Bahl

Rahul comes with a diverse career profile including Sales and Marketing, Consulting and formal Teaching. His association with Ecliptic HR Solutions began in the year 2018 with the proactive approach of the Company’s Top Management who expressed faith in his integrity, credentials and experience encompassing some of the key domains aimed at processes towards long-term benefit of the Company. He is actively involved in learning about the Company’s existing processes and developments thereof and putting several plans to action as part of the Team.

An Engineering Graduate (B.E.) in Electronics & Power Engineering and a Postgraduate (M. Tech.) in Information Technology, Rahul has served the Engineering Teaching fraternity for close to one-and-a-half decade and has been into Content Translation and Consulting for almost two decades. As Associate Professor (I.T.) his roles and responsibilities included teaching, training, and administration at multiple levels of organization externally as well as internally. He is well known across several professional platforms and his former organization received accolades globally under his leadership. He also has a keen interest in Management Education.

Presently, as a Professional Global Linguist, Rahul’s interest, expertise, and leadership roles consist of Translation, Review and Localization of Content across a Dozen+ Industries (including Fortune 500 Companies) from English to Hindi and Punjabi and vice-versa. Some of the major industry domains/sectors that he has been working in include Information Technology, E-Learning, Audio-Visual Media, Telecommunications, Engineering & Technology, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Business & Management, Sales & Marketing, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals etc to name a few.

The projects that Rahul attends to, focus on clearly presenting the respective brands’ proposition and image to the target audience for localized content across various media.

At a personal level, he likes extending the Teams’ engagement across relevant informal events and enjoys light music, and a bit of sports besides spending quality time with his family.

Rahul Bahl