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EclipticHRS-Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral assessments identify people with the potential to succeed in a role and can sift out candidates who are not suitable based on the required behaviors. These assessments require individuals to demonstrate behavioral competencies in one or more activities relevant to their job role and resemble an actual organizational situation.
EclipticHRS-Cogniive Ability Assessments

Cognitive Ability Assessments

The ability to solve complex problems, make decisions, and use sound reasoning are among the most critical competencies needed by today’s workers. Cognitive Ability Assessments are designed to help measure a participants ability to think on their feet, make meaning of ambiguity and formulate new concepts when faced with novel information.
EclipticHRS-Personality Assessments

Personality Assessments

Personality assessments measure characteristics that predict performance and future potential in a specific job. It helps talent acquisition experts in selecting the potential hires at the beginning of the interview process. Employers can also utilize the personality assessment test to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and train them on specific skills gaps.
EclipticHRS-Job-Focussed Assessments

Job-Focussed Assessments

Selecting top candidates in today’s dynamic business environment is more challenging than ever.
The results of the job-focussed assessment tests reveal the degree of match between their hiring needs and the capabilities and skills of the candidate.
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