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EclipticHRS - Project 2

The client was an Italian Auto Parts and Accessories a manufacturing company with over 500 employees and operates in a highly competitive environment that faces instability.

The Challenge

The need to improve competitiveness, increase efficiency and make use of current productive resources, led the company to seek innovatively ways to restructure its business. After thorough research on organizations that had previously used EclipticHRS services to reinforce its workforce, the company decided to cooperate with EclipticHRS

The Solution

Focusing on successfully restructuring the organization’s functions, EclipticHRS proceeded to:

  • Deep comprehension and analysis of the corporate culture.
  • Mapping of the working environment to detect and underline organizational flaws while exploring the workforce’s potential based on the organizational philosophy.
  • The Result

    The implementation of EclipticHRS’s solutions resulted in:

  • Identification and resolution of malfunctions in business processes.
  • Organizational changes.
  • Design of effective procedures of communication, coordination, and management of complex projects.
  • A valid evaluation process measuring business functions’ performance.
  • The firm’s cooperation with EclipticHRS, which is still active, yielded cost reductions and increased workflow speed, thus resulting in improved quality service to the clients.

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